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6ix9ine Says He Wouldn't Know Who Charlamagne Was If Not For TBC

21-year-old rapper 6ix9ine stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and things got intense real quick. The Brooklyn Rapper who is known for his consistent trolling on social media came through to explain everything from his current beef with West Coast rapper The Game, why he thinks he is the hottest in New York and explain whats going on with his sexual misconduct case. The Breakfast Club even brought in Pastor Brian Houston to pray for him.

Although there seems to be a lot happening against the young rapper he achieved quite a lot within the past year. His debut project "Day 69" debuted in the top 5 on Billboards Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart, also claiming the number one spot on the Itunes sales charts upon its release. After the projects released there were Five songs that charted on the Billboard including "Gummo", "Kooda", "Keke" (Feat. A Boogie With Da Hoodie and Fetty Wap), "Rondo" (Feat. Tory Lanez Young Thug), and "Billy". The accolades don't stop there either as "Gummo" recently was certified Platinum by the RIAA and "Keke" has been certified Gold.


With everything he has achieved in the past year, he came into The Breakfast Club ready for anything, even getting under Charlamagne Tha God's skin on multiple occasions especially when they went head to head about their own accolades. 

It all started when Tekashi started talking about how a year ago people were trying to tell him what to do and not do. Now since everything is going well for him people he had to say "But now that everything is going right everyone's telling me this. No let me do what I'm doing because obviously whatever I'm doing is working.

Charlamagne then followed up saying "Not when it comes to all that beef s*** man, I'm telling you". Tekashi stopped him mid-sentence and started bosting about how Charlamagne doesn't have any "Billboard Records". He then clapped back saying he has a nationally syndicated radio show, a New York Times Bestselling Book, hit tv shows and movies coming out.... 

The "Gummo" rapper claps back saying "If it wasn't for this I'd never have heard about you (referring to The Breakfast Club), and I'm telling you right now I'm telling you this is going to be your most viewed video". 

Check out the heated exchange between the two below. 

Check out the full interview with 6ix9ine on The Breakfast Club below. 

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