Safaree Issues Statement: "I'm Not Crying Over Jewelry"

After Safaree's robbery interview with Angie Martinez hit the net, it was a split among people with some feeling sympathetic while others laughed.

Now in a flurry of tweets which just went up moments ago, the rapper is calling out those who think the situation is funny overall and have made the false assumption that he was crying for his lost jewelry.


"Seeing your life flash b4 you're eyes is a life changing experience. Nothing funny about it. It's probably only funny to ppl who don't have anything or never experienced it. My uncle was killed in a robbery so when thinking about my situation all I think about is him."

"I'm not crying over lost jewelry, that's material but being face and not knowing if you're about to get shot in the back of your head is the most traumatic thing I've ever had to deal with.Thank God I'm still alive they want me broken but All they did was make a beast out of me!!"

He also goes on to say that the robbers getting caught 10 mins after robbing him is called karma not snitching and let folks know that moving forward he will have a new way of moving and thanks everyone who has reached out and sent him blessings.

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