Safaree Robbed At Gunpoint: "They Caught Me By Myself"


Just hours after being robbed at gunpoint by two men, Safaree Samuels sat down with Angie Martinez for a gut-wrenching and emotional interview about having a gun put to his head early Monday morning right outside his own home which happens to be in a gated community.

"It was slow and intimate," the reality star and rapper says about the robbery which has left him shaken and under the impression that the devil is trying to ruin the great things that are about to happen for him. "They took everything he continues will letting Angie know that the police told him not to say too much" he continues.


But where was his security you're probably asking yourself; they had already been sent home and he was only with his chef who was riding home with him. "They just caught me by myself, I got out my car and they just came out of nowhere," Safaree says. "I had about $175,000 [worth of jewelry] on me," he says about what was taken which includes a AP watch worth about $60,000, bracelets and rings all of which he had insured and he assures us he will be replacing.

The fact that it happened right outside the home where he's supposed to be safe Safaree says is what bothers him the most. "Where it happened ain't a place where stuff like that is supposed to happen," he says. "I was laid out on the floor waiting until I knew nobody was standing over me and ran. It's traumatizing, it just keeps replaying."

He also assures us that he's not following the "no snitching" street code rule when it comes to this crime and is working with the police to get the persons that did this arrested.

Safaree also talks about his uncle being murdered during an armed robbery recently and how it was someone very close to his family who committed the crime. "It's my cousin's ex-husband and one of his people," he says.

We're just glad he's safe and was not hurt. All material things can be replaced.

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