Jesse Williams Talks Japril, BET Awards Speech, Donald Trump + More!

Author, actor and activist Jesse Williams stopped by the AT&T studio to talk to Angie Martinez.

"Japril the Sequel", which is a special episode of Grey's Anatomywas directed, written and narrated by Williams. 

He also opened up about self love, his BET speech and Donald Trump's America. 

He also talked about:

  • How he would rather be known for his activism than modeling. "If theres 50 things I could be doing, it wouldn't be posing for photographs".
  • His speech during the BET Awards and how impactful it was.
  • What he did after his BET Awards speech. "I didn't look on the internet for ten days afterwards"
  • Being a role model for people of color. "...there's a weight and there's a presence balancing the incredible amount of love."
  • Deciding to be a celebrity that uses his voice. "People like to get up on stage, thank god and leave. I think people appreciated someone not doing that".
  • People breaking down barriers. 
  • He talks about "Time:The Kalief Browder Story" and the American jail system.
  • Jesse spoke about the importance of self care and having time for yourself.
  • He talked about Ferguson. "Those are the people making the crazy sacrifice".
  • Both Angie and Jesse discussed the Day Without a Woman march.
  • Jesse spoke on creating art and film and the importance of creating.
  • He talked about his amazing company Ebroji that is on iOS and Android.
  • He went in depth about Grey's Anatomy's "Japril the Sequel"
  • He talked about what he believes President Barack Obama thinks of him
  • About if he feels the need to hold back his words. "I just think it's a waste of time to say words that have no meaning".
  • Who should run for President in 2020
  • He gave his opinion on Donald Trump and his administration.
  • What he is excited about in Trumps' America.
Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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