One of the most talked about moments at last night's BET Awards was actor/activist Jesse Williams' acceptance speech.

During a recent stop to The Angie Martinez show, Jesse discussed his new project 'Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement' which aired on BET and contributed towards him receiving his Humanitarian Award last night.

While in the studio with Angie, Jesse discussed:

  • Back people being polarized and told that it's controversial to want to be protected under the law.
  • Being a supporter and activist for the 'Black Lives Matter' movement from it's inception.
  • Using his platform and the media to help awaken us to the nonsense that is being fed to us.
  • Whether or not he scares people by being such a strong and vocal person. "We're constantly inconvenienced, but to speak out is an act of passive-agression" says Jesse. 
  • Experiencing the "uprising" in Ferguson, which he calls a "plantation state," in which police officers aggressively instigated and antagonized protesters.
  • Social media being a tool for communication between Ferguson and other places, such as Palestine, on how to deal with being tear gassed by police.
  • The positive energy he felt during President Barack Obama's inaugural ceremony. "It's magic, it's truly beautiful" he says about the moment.
  • Boycotting "Black Friday" to bring awareness to the social injustice that big stores commit against their employees.
  • Receiving constant death threats from racists on social media and how little attention he pays these threats.
  • Being brought up with a white mother and a black father and how this allowed him to learn how both cultures work firsthand.
  • The fact that white people physically fight cops and their lives are never taken from them as opposed to people like the late Sandra Bland.
  • Ways that a person who's been asleep about the social injustices can "get woke" and take a stand against social injustices. 

Check out Jesse's interview with Angie + his acceptance speech here:


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