Details on Late Rapper Edot Baby’s Passing & Funeral

International Church of Cannabis Opens Its Doors In Denver, Colorado

Photo: Getty Images North America

On November 15th, Edot Baby’s funeral service was held in New Jersey. Many loved ones gathered in the decorated holy space which included stained glass, purple balloons and photos of the young rapper. 

Many loved ones had the opportunity to express their feelings during the service. Some people include his friends Sugarhill Dot and Ddot

Though the event was definitely a mournful, sorrow occurrence, it seemed Edot Baby’s happy, energetic spirit was still able to shine through. It is alleged that some of his friends recorded a music video after the service, taping themselves dancing and somewhat moshing near the ballon fixtures.

Details about Edot Baby’s death could be found here

We continue to send positive energy to his family, loved ones and fans. 

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