Edot Baby Dead at 17-Years-Old

Today, it’s been confirmed that Harlem drill rapper Edot Baby has passed away at 17-years-old. Rumors surrounding his cause of death have rapidly circulated, with no verified details to support these claims yet. 

The news was first hinted by fellow New York rapper and Edot Baby’s friend DD Osama, with an Instagram story that has a photo of the pair accompanied by Lil Zama’s song “Soul Cry.” After sharing a couple more posts, he added “LongLiveKingDot💔” to his Instagram bio

The news was later verified by multiple friends and his manager, all of which shared posts to express their sorrow. 

Although he was private about his personal life and family affairs, many loved ones have publicized their emotions towards him; some Instagram users who shared posts include Dudeylo, PGF Nuk, Sha Ek and more. Edot’s girlfriend also shared an emotional post before making her Instagram page private. 

The rapper's birth-name is Edward Johnson. He released his first studio album on March 18th, 2022. Today, his song “Ride Tho O” has over 3 million hits on Spotify. He has more than 170,000 Instagram followers with more than half of them engaging on his page. Edot shared content such as lifestyle vlogs, song samples, music videos, collaborations with other rappers and updates on performances. 

R.I.P. Edot Baby.

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