Paul Wall On New Album "Subculture", Grill Necessities, Voting + More!

Paul Wall just celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut album "The Peoples Champ" which of course featured hit records "Drive Slow" with Kanye West & GLC, : "Sittin' Sidewayz" featuring Big Pokey, & "Girl". In honor of the hit project, Paul just dropped his new album "Subculture" which not only celebrates the 15 years the debut album but also marks the third project he has dropped this year.

Teaming up with Red Bull to show the making of the project something that Paul wanted to do differently with this album was explore new avenues that he hasn't gone done before with his music while also keeping true to his Houston sound.

"Definitely there was the Paul Wall feel and the Houston influence and feel on there, working with these types of producers and really go in & lock-in, everything was opened minded as well and it was a new experience and I have never done anything like that before. In the past, I might lock-in but in the past, I may go to the club, or host something or go home to get my kids up the next day for school. But this time I was locked in the whole time with my phone off."

Talking to Paul we HAD to ask him about the necessities when it comes to buying a grill, and as someone who has years of experience buying grills, he had a LOT to say.

"Well I definitely say get you a grill that's within your means, people like myself have worked their way up to what I have right now, the first grill I had was solid gold, the second one I had had a little bit of diamonds. So eventually it got to where Im at now, if it's your first time, you not really gonna know what you look good wearing, so you gotta go with something that's going to look good on you, something you going to feel comfortable wearing. Don't try to get what I got or what someone else got, get something that you like and you enjoy." 

Wall has also been very vocal about voting not just with the upcoming presidential election but in the smaller local elections as well because those are the people who make the laws and bring change to communities.

"Presidential election is really important man, but I really encourage people to focus on the ones who are more local. Some of these are decided by a few hundred votes, these are real numbers, you can make a difference and I'm not saying a certain person should have won or lost but your vote really does matter in the local elections and sometimes that could get lost when the focus is only on the presidential election"

For voting, resources click here

Check out the full interview above and listen to Paul Wall on iHeartraido below!!

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