"If You're Young & Your Back Don't Hurt Go To The Polls"-Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator took to his twitter today to connect with his fans about the upcoming election. In a two minute long video the "IGOR" rapper wanted to speak to the young generation of Americans who either haven't voted or are first time voters. Revealing that this will be the first time he votes himself he wants his fans to know that this upcoming election is one of the most important of our lifetime and if we don't vote a lot of the rights we have could be lost.

"Yo, it's T. Look, I know I'm the last person you should ever take advice from but I'm reiterating what everyone else is saying and please, please if you're young and your back don't hurt, go to them polls and cast a f--kin' vote,"

For resources about how you can register to vote click here

See his full message below.

Photo Getty Images

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