A Series About The Admission's Scandal Is Coming!

Since, the USC College Admissions' scandal happened a few months ago, both Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are desperate as the Full House turns into the Big House.

During the scandal the internet did what it does best and made this crime the butt of all jokes and memes. You guys know once something goes viral on the internet, media outlets can not wait to hop on the wave and turn it from bad to dramatic.

A new series about the college scam is in the works, or so Deadline says. Reports from the outlet suggest that a company called Annapurna Television has obtain rights to a book called "Accept", which is written by two reporters who covered the college scam case for The Wall Street Journal.

The book is said to give great detail about the scandal that involved an affluent circle of parents who colluded with admissions' counselors to ensure the acceptance into top colleges like USC, Yale, and Georgetown for their children.

Reports also say that Annapurna Television has asked writer DV Devincentis to come on board for the limited series. There is not much information as to when the series will premiere or how many episodes will be produced.

Will you be here to watch what really went down behind the scenes in the college scam? Y'all think Felicity or Lori will get a bag for this? Let me know.

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Lori Loughlin feels wronged & looking to fight charges... Prepare the Cell - Thumbnail Image

Lori Loughlin feels wronged & looking to fight charges... Prepare the Cell

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