DJ Self Addresses The Situation With Nicki Minaj

No other story has been trending more today than the drama between Nicki Minaj and DJ Self which popped off last night when she stopped by the station for an interview with DJ Clue.

"I did no ask her for a hug, I did not ask her for a drop...I did not speak to her while she was at the station."  Self also goes on to say that he does not know Nicki and he has never even had a conversation with her as she claims in her tweets.

"I don't understand why she would lie" he says about Nicki's tweet which claims that he was dissin another female rapper while Nicki was at the radio station on Monday night.

Self does go on to say that after Nicki left he did discuss which album he liked better between Cardi and Nicki's on air.  He says that went with 'Invasion of Privacy' and this may be the reason why Nicky  flew off the handle and "lied."

Nicki's ex tried to explain why Nicki may not like Self via Twitter by saying that it's due to his association to Safaree Samuels. "Your problem with Dj self is because me and him are so cool and nothing else" said Safaree on Twitter.

Check out Self's full response to the Nicki Minaj situation below... 

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