Will 6ix9ine Be The Breakfast Club's Most Viewed Interview?

Brooklyn native 6ix9ine has been topping the charts with heavy hitting singles like "Gummo" and "Kooda." He's the newest controversial artist that everyone loves to hate and hate to love. 

On Friday 6ix9ine sat down with The Breakfast Club where he claims why he's the hottest artist in the game right now. The interview which has been out for less than a week and has racked more than 4 million viewers, passing top interviews like Gucci Mane, Tyga and Beanie Sigel. 

Based on the rate of the views, it looks like 6ix9ine could possibly be The Breakfast Club's most viewed interview to date. 

Check out the TOP 10 most viewed interviews on TBC including 6ix9ine's current rank: 

1. Birdman - 13M viewers

2. Birdman - 5.2M viewers 

3. 21 Savage - 4.4M viewers

4. Cardi B. - 4.2M Viewers 

5. Kodak Black - 4.1M viewers 

6. 6ix9ine - 4M viewers

7. Beanie Sigel - 3.9M viewers 

8. Tyga - 3.8M viewers

9. Fatboy - 3.6 viewers 

10. Gucci Mane - 3.1M viewers 

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