Check out these local businesses we’re highlighting this month!

Check out these local businesses we’re highlighting this month!

Featured Black Owned Business

Featured Black Owned Business

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The Brooklyn Nail Company

The Brooklyn Nail Company is a family owned and operated nail salon located in the heart of Bedford- Stuyvesant-Brooklyn, NY. They provide nail care, nail enhancements and semi-permanent make-up services in a trendy professional environment. Their goal is to serve our community by making our clients feel relaxed, beautiful, and pampered with an array of services. On March 15th, they are featuring our WAP Pedicure (Woke And Pretty Pedicure)!

Ava’s Lifeline

Ava's LifeLine is a holistic approach to healthy living. They specialize in vegan foods and offer a variety of gourmet breads, savory dishes, and vegan treats. They also offer a service of retail and wholesale.

Roc N Ramen

Roc and Ramen was established in 2014 by Chef Wayne, his two daughters and fiancé. Roc n Ramen is a blacked owned business known for their Japanese and Caribbean infusion ramen bowls. The company started franchising in 2018 and now hold locations in New Rochelle, the Bronx, Dubai, and many more are on the way!!! Keep watching!!! Their tag line is: “Asian Bowl/Caribbean Soul”.

What The Cluck?!

What The Cluck?! is a brand new fast-casual, food business providing Nashville Hot Chicken in Highland Park, NJ. We are not only the first Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant in Highland Park -but the first in all of New Jersey!

Cheeky Sandwiches

Cheeky Sandwiches opened 11 years ago on December 14, 2009. They are located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Serving New York with a slice of New Orleans. Try their famous Chicken Biscuit Sandwich!

Sweet Lady’s Oatmeal Cookies

Lisa C. Adams is the owner of Sweet Lady's Oatmeal Cookies, LLC. With a variety of chocolates, berries, nuts, and spreads like peanut butter and Nutella, or fresh apples, or flavors like snickerdoodle and pumpkin spice, Lisa is sure you will be back for more! Her cookies have been called addictive and have proven themselves to be!

Pace Runs

Mission: Our mission is to inspire, elevate, and empower the next generation of diverse runners. As a racing company, PACE Runs strives to change the distance racing environment by planning and hosting races that provide a space for people of color** to come run and build a community around healthy living. About Us: PACE Runs is a non-profit race organization with a mission to organize opportunities to improve health and wellness through fun filled race experiences.

Good. Co. Bike Club

Good Co Bike noticed that the bio they submitted to us has typos. Would you be able to update it to this copy: Good. Co. Bike Club is a Black owned brand that was formed to bridge the black community through the love of cycling. Established in June 2020 during the height of a global pandemic and social injustice unrest, Good Co. Bike Club created a lane for people to ride together safely and unapologetically while enjoying what the city has to offer. All while connecting with Good Company. Now, with over 200 official members and 4 Executive Business Partners, Good Co. has a goal of changing the cycling narrative through local business partnerships, and city advocacy programs, that all help carve a space for the Black cycling community.


Afrinaad is a proud African-based brand offering varieties of Mother Nature’s gifts such as organic skincare and the beautiful scenery of Africa depicted by the talented artisans on our hand painted artwork. Free Shipping Coupon Code: iHeartmedia

Greene Ave Market

Our business specializes in helping the community. We want the community to flourish. Customers can come in and shop for all their needs. If it’s not here, you can make a request and we will try our best to accommodate. Greene Ave Market is the place to be when you want to shop locally, take advantage of reasonable prices, and chat with the owner as you checkout. We're best known for our flowers and organic produce, fruits, & vegetables.

Play in the Sunshine

Play in the Sunshine facilitates inspiring on-site and virtual classes in yoga and mindfulness. Our comprehensive approach improves overall well-being, cultivates physical fitness, and reduces stress and anxiety. Our team of certified and experienced instructors will bring a personalized class or professional development seminar to your school, workplace or conference. Play in the Sunshine is MWBE certified in New York State.

The Bark Shoppe

Established in 2012 by Melissa Mitchner from the living floor of her project apartment of the Mitchel houses of the South Bronx The Bark Shoppe opened in 90 days after emptying her savings. The Bark Shoppe is more than a pet grooming company. We are a pillar in the community, did you know that less than 5% of pet care businesses are owned by people of color in a 10 billion dollar industry and less than 2% in veterinary medicine? We are here to change that narrative. The Bark Shoppe partners with community organizations to provide job readiness skills to at risk youth and young adults and prepare them to enter the pet grooming industry.

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab

A Black-Female Owned lifestyle brand that embodies food, culture, and elevated experiences. We call it UrbanLuxe.™ Engage with us to stay up-to-date on new releases from our renowned and innovative dessert line & merch line.

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