Flipp Dinero Describes The State Of Rap In Brooklyn: "We Need More Unity"

Flipp Dinero stopped by Blendz and Trendz this week to talk about his new project "Love for Guala" and the current state of rap in Brooklyn. Here's what went down:

  • On opening for Tory Lanez:
“That was a blessing you know what I’m saying… Honestly I look up to Tory like my big brother"
  • On opening up for Jay Z and Beyonce in NYC and NJ
“ Wouldn’t say it was nerve-racking… I would say I was more than ready ready, like yo this s--t really happening, and I’m taking advantage, I’m meant to be here”
  • Has a video out w/ Teyanna Taylor:
“She’s a beast, I respect her”
  • How do you feel about Brooklyn right now?
“ Brooklyn is in a great place… We need more unity, stay focused, keep progressing, put the beef aside”

Check out the full Interview below.