Young MA Shares What Makes Her Stay Independent

Young M.A's "Herstory in the Making" has had the city on fire since its release and most recently came out at #PowerhouseNYC alongside Meek Mill. Stopping by Blendz and Trendz she spoke about the performance, the album and why she continues to stay independent to this day.

The "Big" rapper had managed to stay independent in the game for her whole career, dropping hits after hits, speaking about why she stays independent she says:

"I ain't gon lie sometimes I wanna be signed to a label… It’s hard work right here, it ain't easy. It’s just having that control over me… If i already got myself in that position, why not keep going, why have somebody else take that control and take over a journey I already built. Not against signing to a label but she just chooses to be independent."

When asked about why it took so long for her to drop the album and why now was the perfect moment she kept it short and sweet:

“Y’all ain’t wait that damn long, time goes by so fast three years aint nothing.”

Check out the full Interview below...

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