L Boogs Throwback Thursday: Music Groups we've missed

In Honor of another summer “Throw-back Thursday” we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Boy/Girl Bands/Groups that are missed entirely too much. 

1. B5- Bad boy is known for its exquisite taste in artist having the full package of Style/Talent/and Star Quality. This group (at the time) teenage brothers we’re nothing short of the status. They were a staple in the label’s group division because of their “beyond their years”   sound and high energy dance performances. 

2.Pussycat Dolls- A girl group, derived from the Burlesque show created by Robin Antin, These ladies were the it girls of their era. With their lead vocalist being Nicole Scherzinger and their sexy style and unmatched choreography these dolls we’re all about girl power and taking the industry by storm. 

3. Danity-Kane- Another bad-boy group, which came into existence on MTV’s Making the Band 3. These ladies came together to top the charts and change the way we looked at girl groups to come, and if each girl beating out 100’s of other females to secure their spot in the group wasn’t enough we watched these women train in Diddy’s “BadBoy Boot-camp” and become superstars. 

4.Out-Kast - The infamous Rap Duo (Andre 3000 and Big Boi) brought a refreshing sound to Mainstream Hip-hop and changed the way we looked at the “Rap-Artist” for years to come. These 2 unique men revived charismatic conscious rap with a method all their own Making Out-Kast on of the most Legendary Rap-Groups of All Time. 

5.Crime-Mob- A Originally of 7 Rappers (2 Female and 5 male) based out of Atlanta. Were the Young kids everyone wanted to be. They resigned with a lot of kids growing up in the hood and at a very rebellious age in hip-hop. It’s undeniable that with hits like “Knuck if you buck” and “Rock yo hips” this group of young hit makers were a force to be reckoned with.

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