L Boogs Throwback Thursday: Fashion Trends in the 2000s

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we have compiled a hearty list of Fashion trends from the early 2000s. 

The 2000s were filled with iconic styles that were heavily influenced by Hip-hop and R&B. Rappers like Cam'ron made it okay for guys to wear pink, Ja rule and murder inc were pretty much known for wearing all black and harnesses with headbands and times mixing warfare with streetwear. 50 Cent brought out the du-rag and fitted hat combo, Lil Kim had her iconic colorful seductress looks along with Destiny Child styling in their long denim skirts and fedoras, Aaliyah made her mark on fashion with her motor-cross edgy looks and even not so mainstream artists like Ghost-face Killah had some iconic moments in fashion with his hockey jersey’s of the rink.

 We can say these iconic fashion choices made an impact still in today's fashion trend. Here are some memorable photos of your favorite celebs, fashion brands, and campaigns that you will remember. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

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