The 2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us

posted by Jabari Keitt - 

When it comes to any sports you always have what you call "The Big Stage". Around this time we have the most anticipated stage in the world of football ( or soccer if your one of those people). The 2018 Men's FIFA World Cup, where you will see no shortage of visually delightful and extravagant performances from the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and many more.

The FIFA World Cup has created a concept which i like to call "Look Good, Play Good". Although were excited for the highly anticipated annual soccer tournament; we can not be more stoked on the new sport jerseys everyone will be rocking to support there favorite countries playing in the FIFA World Cup. When millions of people are watching, either in attendance or in front of a television, what they see is important and performance is not everything. Question is who are you rooting for?

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Adidas Football Twitter

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