Festival Do's & Dont's

We've all had our fair share of festival fails. Learn from our mistakes and follow these simple rules of Festival Do's and Dont's.

  DO:Drink Water

  DO: Bring a phone charger                                         

  DO:Indulge in festival activities

  DO: Bring Fanny Pack  

  DO:High attention to Hygiene 


  DON'T:Bring anything expensive (Ex. sneakers,clothes,jewelry) 

  DON'T:Drink too much

  DON'T: Forget to eat

  DON'T: Forget sunscreen

  DON'T: Stress too much about catching every show  


Best Festivals to attend this summer in NYC! 

Governors Ball// June 1–3

Northside Festival// June 6–10

MoMA PS1 Warm Up// June 30–September 1

Lincoln Center Out of Doors// July 25–August 12

Panorama Music Festival// July 27–29                           

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