Blackway Talks Being On The "Into The Spiderverse" Soundtrack


What's Up Danger (Blackway & Black Caviar) had an explosive 2018 with the release of his "Good.Bad.Faded" EP & then having the first record on the soundtrack for the hit movie from Sony " Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" .

Speaking on how his record got onto the soundtrack for Spiderman, he said that it kind of just happened, while many people would think that artists would be approached to do songs and then get on the soundtrack this wasn't the case. He had recored the record "What's Up Danger" and submitted it with no knowledge that it would be used for the most pivotal moment in the movie. Teaming up with Black Caviar for the record Blackway said that there was a lot of back and forth/tweaks that needed to be made to the song before it was approved for the movie, but once he finally got to see how it was incorporated into the soundtrack he was blown away.

Check out his full On The Radar Interview above!

Listen to "What's Up Danger" below...

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Honey German

Honey German

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