5 Things We Learned From Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly" Documentary

*disclaimer all these allegations were stated in Lifetimes "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary and we cannot confirm if they are factual*

The first two episodes of "Surviving R. Kelly" were a lot to take in as the curtain is slowly being pulled behind all of the extremely shady and disgusting things that the singer took part in. 

Here are 5 things we took away from the first two episodes of the show: 

1. He Allegedly Got Aaliyah Pregnant

In the documentary, it is revealed that the singer met Aaliyah at the age of 12 and worked with her for some time before they were married. At the time of their marriage, Aaliyah was 15 years old and Kelly was 27 (their marriage certificate was forged to say she was 18). During the short time, they were married Kelly's tour manager claims that he impregnated Aaliyah. 

2. Kelly and His Brother Were Molested as children.

While Kelly had said he was publicly molested as a child, his brother revealed that it had happened to both of them saying: 

“If he’s saying, I don’t think he’s lying,” Carey Kelly says in an interview for the documentary. “Because it happened to me. It happened to me. … I was molested by a family member, and it shook my world, because I didn’t understand it. I knew it wasn’t right, even though I was 6 years old at the time.”

3. Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" was written about an underaged girl he had a miscarriage with.

During the special one of R. Kelly's accusers, Lizzette Martinez makes the claim that Michael Jackson's hit record "You Are Not Alone" is based around the sexual relationship she & Kelly had when she was a teenager. She also claimed to have gotten pregnant during her senior year of Highschool with his child but had a miscarriage a few days later. 


4. Years after he graduated he hung around the school preying on young children.

R. Kelly never finished High School himself but that apparently didn't stop him from hanging out around his old stomping grounds. According to the documentary, Kelly would go hang around his old school to meet girls, one girl Jovante Cunningham who was one of his former back up singers said he found her & her friend while hanging out at the school. She also added that not long after meeting him and working in the studio she witnessed a sexual act on her friends in the booth with him adding ". I will not say with whom, but none of us were of age. None of us,' she said.". 

5. His wedding with Ex-Wife Andrea Lee was a surprise to her.

Andrea originally started up as one of Kelly's backup dancers but eventually became engaged to the singer. Without any warning one day Kelly flew her out to Colorado and they got married in a hotel room, in the documentary she speaks on this moment saying: 

“My wedding was a surprise wedding. I did not know I was getting married. We went to Colorado and I remember going into a hotel room and there was a violinist, there was a cello player, he had the cake, he had the food, he had everything. He went over the top… And it was like, ‘Robert, what if I wanted to do it in a church? What if I wanted to wear a wedding dress?’ I don’t think he even understood crossing that line from being generous to controlling.”

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