Madison McFerrin Talks Europe Tour, Overcoming Cyber Bullying, + New Music


Madison Mcferrin has just returned home from her overseas tour in Europe and is already gearing up to start a new residency here in New York as well as prepare some new music for the new year. 

Being the daughter of Jazz Legend Bobby McFerrin music runs in her blood and she speaks on how her grandfather was an Opera singer. Growing up for her she was able to gain the musical knowledge that would push her to go further and continue to evolve her sound and the music she releases. 

Mcferrin has also faced some harsh critics online following a performance from a few years back but the singer speaks about how she was able to overcome the cyberbullying and turn the negativity into positive energy and work on her craft. 

Touring across Europe the young singer spoke about how different the crowds and energy can be overseas versus performing in the states. 

Check out Madison Mcferrin's Full "On The Radar" Interview above

Honey German

Honey German

Honey German the daughter of Dominican parents was born and raised in New York and considers the “entire Tri-State my state.” She currently works in New York City for iHeart Media /Power 105.1 FM in the positions of On Air Personality, Associate... Read more


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