Lil Xan Defends His Comments Saying Tupac Was Boring

Back in March Lil Xan caused quite the uproar when his comments about Tupac Shakkur in an interview went viral. In the Interview with Revolt TV Xan called Tupac boring leading to a stream of backlash from the Hip-Hop community and fans alike. 

Recently amongst the drama and very public breakup from his girlfriend Noah Cyrus, he took to his Instagram live to speak once again on the comments he made about the legendary rapper months ago saying: 

"I did not do anything. After the Tupac shit, 'ya literally acted like Tupac was your goddamn granddaddy," the young rapper continued "What the f***? When I said that Tupac shit, ya'll acted like you were suckin' on that guy's dick or some s***, he's a legend, I acknowledge that. He's a fuckin' legend. But what I said is what I said. They cut the interview, but I don't give a fuck."  

Check out the full statement below

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Honey German

Honey German

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