R. Kelly Release 19 Minute Long Song Addressing Sex Cult Allegations

In things probably nobody asked for R Kelly has previewed and seemingly dropped a 19-minute song that addresses pretty much all the allegations against him ranging from running a sex cult, sexual abuse etc. Most recently Kelly's music has been taken off Spotify playlists and has multiple concerts canceled after more and more woman began coming out over the past year speaking out about the singer's alleged sex cult. Well looks as if Kelly has had enough of people coming for him taking to his Instagram live to share again a 19 MINUTE LONG SONG addressing quite literally everything. 

An excerpt from the song details how he apparently isn't brainwashing girls into joining a cult singing: "Said I'm abusing these women, what the f*** that's some absurd shit, They're brainwashed, really? Kidnapped, really? Can't eat, really? Real talk, that S*** sound silly."

Kelly also later in the song admits to being with younger women but all of age and emphasizes that he isn't a pedophile. 

"I admit I fuck with all the ladies, that's both older and young ladies. But tell me how they call it pedophile because that shit is crazy. You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions. But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion?" 

You can check out excerpts from the song below..

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Honey German

Honey German

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