Faith Evans Admits to Tossing Biggie's Salad!

Faith Evans appeared on 'The Drunk Champs' podcast on July 17th. They asked her a series of questions, but one that stuck out was when the host asked about her sexual relationship with Biggie Smalls. Now we all saw the movie and we hear the tracks still to this day. Biggie was open about his sex life, but we ain't know that he got down like that. 

Now don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating some booty. Plenty of rappers today admit to their fascination with eating booty. We hear Kevin Gates scream to the world that he enjoys it. Action Bronson said, “a couple of months you probably see me with an actress/getting my ass licked, while she driving never crashed it.” Nicki Minaj can't go one song without requesting someone to get down there. 

Faith Evans was asked, "does Biggie eat ass?" She replied with: "well it depends who you ask" and then it gets crazy. 

Listen for yourself: 


PhotoCred: GettyImages

Honey German

Honey German

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