Safaree Gets Booed at Performance in NYC

Safaree is facing some major heat today as he performed in NYC up at the Dyckman basketball courts last night and well things didn't go as planned. He performed his song "Hunnid" for the good people of NYC and well they just weren't having it. The crowd began booing Safaree from the stands as he continued to perform but instead of letting the show go on he cut the music short and had some words for the crowd saying "I've F***** b****** yall N***** dream about" and then the crowd went on to throw assorted items at the rapper including water bottles. 

All these antics caused Safaree to earn himself The highly coveted Donkey of The Day from Uncle Charlamagne himself who suggested that Safaree should have just kept going like a true performer and let that be that. 

You can check out today's Donkey of The Day as well as the videos of Safaree getting Booed below.

Photo: Getty Images

Honey German

Honey German

Honey German the daughter of Dominican parents was born and raised in New York and considers the “entire Tri-State my state.” She currently works in New York City for iHeart Media /Power 105.1 FM in the positions of On Air Personality, Associate... Read more


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