Nicki Minaj Told Tory Lanez To Take Her Off 'Shooters'

Turns our Nicki Minaj was on Tory Lanez' smash hit 'Shooters' but a text convo gone wrong killed that collaboration.

While on with The Breakfast Club on Monday morning Tory explained how after he got Nicki's verse he reached out to her to make an adjustment and Nicki instead of making the change told him just to take her completely off the song.


"She was originally on 'Shooters' and she did an incredible verse. I was asking her about the verse, about changing something around because of where you placed the hook at...through the text it kinda came off like I was trying to critique her verse...and she really wasn't rocking with it and she was like take my verse off the song. "

He goes on to say that he had no problem taking Nicki off song since he never wants to force "anything that's not organic" when it comes to his music.

Much respect to Tory.  Check out the interview below and make sure to get his new album 'Memories Don't Die' which is out now.

Honey German

Honey German

Honey German the daughter of Dominican parents was born and raised in New York and considers the “entire Tri-State my state.” She currently works in New York City for iHeart Media /Power 105.1 FM in the positions of On Air Personality, Associate... Read more


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