20 Facts With Honey German: Keyshia Cole

Get to know your favorite celebs better with these 20 facts you probably never knew about them.  This time around Honey sits down with R&B singer, Keyshia Cole.

  1. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram.
  2. Who does everyone need to follow right now? Keyshia Cole.
  3. Who is your MCM/WCM? Janelle Monaé.
  4. What is your favorite smell? Gardenia.
  5. What do you put on your pizza? Cheese.
  6. What album are you listening tor right now? 11:11 Reset.
  7. Biggie or Pac? Keyshia passes on this.
  8. What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? 'Who’s Loving You.'
  9. Phone call or text messages? Text.
  10. Who do you speak to every single day? My son.
  11. What’s the last gift you bought for someone? A backpack.
  12. Animal you are most fearful of? Spiders.
  13. What’s the last movie you saw? Little Shop of Horror.
  14. What book does everyone need to read? Mama – Terry McMillian.
  15. Three things you would bring to a deserted island? Music, food, water.
  16. What superhero power would you pick? The ability to read minds.
  17. Which era would you time travel to? The 90’s.
  18. Your first concert ever? Kanye West and Usher in 2004.
  19. Who do you miss the most?  2Pac – just to see where he would go in his career and in life.
  20. Your ideal dinner guests? (dead or alive): Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Billie Holiday, Mary J. Blige and Donnie Hathaway.

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Honey German

Honey German

Honey German the daughter of Dominican parents was born and raised in New York and considers the “entire Tri-State my state.” She currently works in New York City for iHeart Media /Power 105.1 FM in the positions of On Air Personality, Associate... Read more


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