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Daniel Jean Talks New Music, Haitian Food and Success

Just in time for Haitian Heritage month, EmEz sat down with Daniel Jean for an episode of The Sitdown. Daniel Jean is a musical artist. For those who don’t know, Daniel Jean is a huge social media sensation. His fame came from doing funny skits while being a driver. He’s driven around some of your favorite celebrities.  

Based on the first few seconds of the interview, EmEz and Daniel Jean had a crazy past. EmEz began the interview by telling a story of Daniel Jean cracking him in the head with a bottle. Emez explained that Jean did so after Emez asked him a question he didn’t appreciate. According to Jean, the video was so horrible that it was taken down from World Star Hip Hop. With both parties now being over the incident, they were able to laugh it off. 

EmEz continued the interview by asking Daniel Jean how things were going with his music. Jean explained that he was getting ready for a show on Haitian Flag Day, which was last Tuesday. He briefly spoke about a single he had on the way. Jean explained that the song would be about “stunting.” 

“Tell me your favorite Haitian dish,” said EmEz. Jean replied saying “Legume.” Legume is a haitian dish with mixed vegetables, meat and served over rice. To EmEz’s surprise, Jean’s answer wasn’t “creole.” EmEz couldn’t help but agree with the delicious choice Jean made. 

“Where did the transition come from you doing skits to now you doing music?” asked EmEz. “I’m still doing my videos. That’s not going to stop” said Jean. He explained that his skits are his therapy and a way for him to release his thoughts. Emez then mentioned how rough Jean’s videos can get. Jean then revealed that people have gone to the hospital because of his videos. “Yeah a couple of people went to the emergency room,” Jean said casually. He explained that he got annoyed during a filming and people ended up in the emergency room. He didn’t say exactly how the people ended up in the emergency room. 

As the interview went on, EmEz pointed out the lace front wig Daniel Jean had on during the interview. Jean corrected him and explained that it is actually called a “hair unit.” He said the unit was given to him by a vendor. Later down the line, Jean realized that he was receiving a lot of opportunities due to the hair. He even went as far as taking headshots for movie rolls with the hair. He concluded that he is keeping the hair. 

“What are the business ventures you are involved in these days?” asked EmEz. Jean admitted to having his hand in water, a food business and a new show. “Tell me more about the show?” asked EmEz. Jean explained that he would be an undercover C.I.A agent. He said there would be a lot of fighting in the show and “It’s going to be big.” 

During the interview, Jean brought up his career of being a driver. He reminisced on how far he got in life because he couldn’t have imagined himself being where he is now. He spoke about performing in Haiti and having upcoming shows in Miami. “I’ll drive the artist and perform with them and drive them back home. And Still get paid. So it doesn't even matter to me. And still be their security. I don’t care for the pride and ego stuff,” said Daniel Jean. 

EmEz continued the interview by asking Daniel Jean to give advice to those who would like to be in his shoes one day. “A lot of people they think this is overnight and it’s not overnight,” said Daniel Jean. Jean spoke about how supportive he is of other creators. He mentioned that he doesn’t mind being the person holding the camera or the one behind the scenes. He added that people wanting to be the center of attention is the reason a lot of people will not succeed. 

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Photos: Daniel Jean’s Instagram

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