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Aston Dollars Talks Growing Up Haitian, Music And Giving Back

Last week, EmEz sat down with artist and songwriter Aston Dollars. He is of Haitian descent like EmEz. He grew up in Queens, New York. In his early childhood, he found his love for music while learning how to play the piano. In his high school years, he began producing his very own music. 

EmEz began the interview off by asking Aston Dollars what it was like growing up with Haitian parents. He revealed that he was sent to Catholic school and piano school. In high school, he was sent to St. John’s Prep in Astoria. Dollars spoke about playing basketball and being a part of the church choir in his free time. EmEz revealed that his Haitian mother didn’t allow him to listen to rap music when he was growing up. Aston Dollars agreed and admitted that he didn’t get his first Hip Hop CD until he was in the seventh grade. 

“Who were some of the first artists to inspire you?” asked Emez. Dollars replied with Fabulous, Jadakiss, Nas, himself, Eminem and Jay-Z. He also mentioned Big Pun, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Usher and Chris Brown. EmEz had to add that Chris Brown is the greatest artist alive. 

As the interview continued, EmEz asked Dollars about his role in giving back to the community. Dollars spoke about inspiring children to live healthy, happy lives. He mentioned his cousin being a personal trainer and how they encourage children in his community to keep exercising in their daily lives. Dollars then revealed that he actually works in the medical field. His daily life involves him constantly helping those in need. 

The conversation then moved onto the country of Haiti. EmEz asked Aston Dollars to speak on the chaos going on in Haiti. Emez briefly spoke about the kidnappings and war taking place in the country. Dollars explained that Haiti is not what it used to be. It’s not a place where you can go to the beach and hang out with your friends anymore. Dollars also mentioned Haiti not having a president. He expressed that it’s hard to rule a country if there is no president. 

“Talk to me about Champagne Popping,” said EmEz referring to Aston Dollars music. Dollars explained that “Champagne Popping” was about his friends going out to clubs and buying out the bottles. Dollars revealed that going to clubs and popping bottles was a tradition in Queens. They’ve gone all over including the Domincan Republic to do some “Champagne Popping.” 

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Photos: Aston Dollars Instagram @astondollars

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