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Music Producer, Jay Wex, Talks About Bringing Back Golden Era of Hip Hop

EmEz sat down with music producer Jay Wex for his new episode of The Sitdown. The two wasted no time getting right into the interview. EmEz began the show by asking Jay Wex how he got into beat making. Wex expressed that he wanted to make beats back in 2000. With the help of a good friend, he was able to begin his career. He took things a step further by getting a degree is music engineering. He briefly spoke about his struggle to find a job in his career field. With the help of his school, he was able to land an internship with iHeartmedia’s KTU radio station. Even though he was not able to work with music like he’d hoped, he was a part of KTU’s street team. He later moved on to intern with Atlantic Records and G-Unit Records. Wex admitted to making a career change in 2010, after realizing there was no money is his career field. After many years, he found his spark and began producing music once again. 

As the interview continued, EmEz asked Jay Wex who were some of the artists that believed in his producing skills. Wex named aspiring artists Grafh and Mickey Factz. He mentioned how amazing it was to have worked with Grafh because he is one of his favorite artists. Wex also spoke about Grapfh being a challenge for him because some of his beats were a hit or miss. Wex never backed down from the challenge. 

EmEz asked Jay Wex what musical changes he has seen in his music from then and now. Wex expressed that he has actually begun to learn how to make music. He is now learning how to play piano and so are his children. Wex admitted that he gets most of his musical inspiration from his children.

“As a producer I hear the song. I don’t just hear the vocals. I’ll hear the kicks, the snares, the horns, the pianos. Right away it’s all just going in my head,” said Wex.

Jay Wex opened up to EmEz and stated

“I want to bring back the golden era of Hip Hop.” He continued on by saying “ I’m going to bring back your favorite rappers, they’re going to be on my beats and were dropping hits.” 

During the interview, Wex revealed the title to his upcoming album Full Circle. He told EmEz that the album will have artists that he grew up on or were known during that time. Wex stated that once he got some of those artists on his project, people began to contact him for beats. He also mentioned that the music wouldn’t be for the 20-25 year-old demographic. He briefly mentioned that he wants to give flowers to the rappers of his generation before they’re no longer here. That statement followed up after he spoke about the death of late rappers, DMX and Blac Rob

This interview went a little differently than the usual interviews on EmEz’s The Sitdown. Since Jay Wex is a producer, EmEz asked Wex to share some of his beats. Wex briefly allowed the audience to hear one of his most recent beats. The interview got even better when Mickey Facts joined in and rapped over the beat. “Here go Mickey back on a Jay Beat,” Mickey rapped as he began his freestyle.

“I put a blade on him, it’s different ways to skin a cat / Run up on him dressed like a shadow, hit him with a back / See the flash in front of ya eyes cause you see men in black,” rapped Mickey Factz.

After the freestyle, EmEz asked Wex about his relationship with Mickey Factz. Wex explained that he and Factz met up for an interview. During the interview, the two realized how many mutual friends they shared. Soon after, Factz hopped on multiple beats with Jay Wex. 

EmEz took a moment to show love to Jay Wex. He admitted that Jay Wex was one of the first people he met at his internship with KTU.

“His album is called full circle and it’s kind of full circle that I get to interview him when he’s getting his thing really rocking,” said EmEz referring to Jay Wex’s success. 

You can watch EmEz’s full interview on his Youtube Channel, The Sitdown With EmEz . Be sure to like and subscribe for past and future interviews. 

The picture is courtesy of Jay Wex’s Instagram (@JAYWEX_). 

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