Young Devyn: Growing Up, Baby Goat & More

On April 1st, EmEz had another great conversation with Brooklyn raised, Trinidadian-bred artist, Young Devyn to catch up with her, her music and overall future endeavors. Once Young Devyn appeared on the screen, she exuded such kind confidence and extreme enthusiasm. EmEz greeted her cheerfully and quickly asked her to update him on how she was doing, the projects she is currently working on, and why are they calling her the “Baby Goat”? Young Devyn shares that she has been

“busy working, taking everything step by step…” as far as the name, ‘Baby Goat’, she states, “Baby Goat basically was just like, that's my zodiac, and I am a Capricorn...I started realizing these things putting two and two together, and I said I don't think I’m a ‘Goat’ yet, but I know I am on my way to be, so I started calling myself ‘ Baby Goat’ and it became a fun thing. My fans really started calling me it, and it became a part of my brand and it was something I can really play off of, so I just ran with it.”

Wow. The level of confidence and maturity Young Devyn naturally exudes, is what will ultimately get her to ‘Grown Goat’ status, in my opinion.

EmEz continues the convo by reflecting on the first time he interviewed Young Devyn and reminisced on how talented she was as a much younger teenage rapper in comparison to the maturity in her bars today. He then proceeds to inquire about any changes that has occurred in her life that has influenced her music. Young Devyn shares that,

“my life in general, being older experiencing many different things, of course I'm gonna put it in my music. Understanding the atmosphere in the times and the temperatures were in when it comes to the sounds of the city, so all that plays a role into how I create my songs. I just tend to talk about my life, so of course my music is gonna grow with me.”

Even the way Young Devyn responds to EmEz’s questions, sounds like she just dropped bars in a song; she is a natural lyricist. 

The Brooklyn “drill scene” then became the next topic of discussion. EmEz wants to know what does that scene look like right now, and how is Young Devyn getting acclimated to it? She states,

“Brooklyn Drill is more underground but it became mainstream when Pop (Smoke) of course, stepped into the game and he took it to that new level and bridge those gaps and crossed the borders and so many people because of that door that has been open, has been able to eat off of that...not in a bad way, but just make their own way.... I enjoy the New York Drill wave especially because I was there from the beginning when it first came, from there, to where it is now, it's just an amazing thing to witness and I just love that it is giving New York a fresh sound, so I think that if it is something that we can highlight, then why not?”

Besides Baby Goat 1, Young Devyn is working on Baby Goat 2, and she is already working on her second project now that she just wrapped on her first project.

“I am always working...this is something that we always been preparing for, we’ve always been working for this moment so we gonna make sure that we don’t mess it up, so my team has been working hard, I’ve been working hard, and we are putting everything in place; I can’t wait to see what happens. The things that we have planned now are gonna be way even bigger by the time my project comes out and my next single, and things like that. I am just excited to see where the year is gonna take me!” 

We're excited too!

The conversation further discusses Young Devyn’s change in her team management, why that happened and EmEz asked her what advice she has for young artists. Young Devyn shares that, “I always tell young artists, make sure you stay consistent, that consistency is what's gonna carry you in this game no matter what it is, you have to be able to cut through the cracks, cut through the noises, there's gonna be many trends that come, many different phases of music, many different sounds, but if you stay consistent, you're gonna be able to maintain and make it through….and put God first.” Young Devyn goes on to share how she has been an artist since the age of 8 and now at the age of 19, her songs are being played on the radio. All those years of hard work has brought her to where she is in her successful music career today.  

A viewer then asked Young Devyn, what keeps her motivated? She shares that

Life. Life in general, where I come from, where I’m going, where I’m at now, these things are what motivates me all the time. Where I came from, I never want to go back. Where I’m at now is a place that I’ve prayed for about a year ago, where I’m going, I’m working towards it every single day, so my life keeps me motivated all the time, the people around me, just my entire team, my friends, my family, and of course my fans, my supporters. They keep pushing me because some days I may be tired with back to back interviews...but then I would go to my DM’s and it's someone new that discovered me, and it shows me that this is really worth it. Everything is important because you never know whose life you're changing and you never know who’s watching you, so my fans definitely motivate me and keep me going.”

Besides music, Young Devyn has been making wise decisions with her money by way of various investments in order to flip her money, which she says is “very important especially because we are in a pandemic.” She advises us to pay attention to the market and to the economy by reading on topics such as these that will assist you in flipping your money. Young Devyn is only 19 but is wise beyond her years; her money mindset is stellar! EmEz, although impressed by her response, thought she would have shared something along the lines of her possibly getting into acting, or having a book come out, something within the creative space, but Young Devyn proves her maturity, yet again, with her unexpected money investment response. Young Devyn then proceeds to share that she used to act and do commercials when she was younger but never enjoyed it and aspired to do more with it; it was simply a hobby for her. 

When EmEz asked Young Devyn, if she weren't rapping, what would she be doing, she states, “I would be a lawyer. I always really wanted to know the law, my rights, different things like that, especially being in music, I want to be able to know my rights, never want to feel like someone is taking advantage of me, so I always made sure to study those things no matter what.” Again, another wise decision that was made to ensure that Young Devyn’s future is secure.

We should expect some real dope music from Young Devyn very soon. She has a new EP, new music coming out this month, videos, and several other projects up her sleeves. 

To learn more, watch the full interview below on EmEz’s Youtube Channel The Sit Down with EmEz to really get to know Young Devyn

For more info on Young Devyn, go to her website, and follow her on her YouTube Channel,IG, and Twitter.

(Photos Courtesy of Young Devyn’s Instagram Page)

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