Wax Kyng Talks Podcasting, Fatherhood and Upcoming Smoke Tour

Last week, EmEz sat down with Wax Kyng, who is a very good friend of The Sitdown host. Kyng has two podcasts called Whatever She Says and Bully And The Beast. Kyng is also an entrepreneur. He has his very own line of marajuana and lemonade, called Who’s Wax. That's not all! Wax Kyng is known for being the muscle behind The Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne Tha God.

Wax Kyng immediately brought the good vibes to The Sitdown. He began the interview by speaking on how gracious God has been in his life. He mentioned having a beautiful fiance and baby by his side. He jokingly gave credit to himself, expressing that he felt things were going so good for him, because he doesn’t cheat anymore. He then reminisced with EmEz about how reckless he used to be at an earlier time of his life. 

EmEz kicked off his line of questions by asking Kyng how he got into podcasting. Kyng explained that he started off as a guest on Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne Tha God. After doing a couple of shows, he was told by friends that he should start his own podcast. That is how Bully and The Beast came about. It’s a podcast Kyng shares with media personality Lorel. Kyng described the relationship with his podcast partner as a big brother and annoying little sister. The podcast has over 11,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 17,000 followers on Instagram. 

The Sitdown host continued the interview by asking Kyng “What is the number one question you get about Charlamagne?” Kyng answered jokingly but trufully, “Is Charlamagne gay?” EmEz worked closely with Charlamagne in the past and explained that he was always asked the same question. Kyng explained that he was asked the question so many times, that he no longer defended Charlamagne. He now simply tells people to “ask him yourself.” 

The interview moved onto Wax King's time in sports. He revealed that soccer was the first sport he played. It taught him the foot work he later applied to football in his teenage years. Kyng went on to mention how troublesome he was in high school. He spoke about attending night school and having classes in the cafeteria. Kyng explained that sports played a big role in helping him graduate. He recalled those earlier peaks being a crazy time for him. He used those crazy times to reference the time he spent with EmEz. Kyng described his time with EmEz being so wild that he couldn’t even say what took place. 

EmEz and Wax Kyng took a moment from the jokes and spoke about fatherhood. Kyng opened up about the troubled relationship he had with the mother of his son. He even shared a story of his first time being on TV. He explained that right before his show was going to air, he got a phone call saying “If you want to see your son now, you gotta come now.” He recalled EmEz and himself riding two hours to go see his son. Unfortunately, that was during the time his show would be airing on television. Kyng mentioned how important fatherhood was to him. He expressed that his son is his future and it was his duty to do right by him. 

EmEz wrapped up the interview by giving Wax Kyng all of the praise he deserved. He didn’t let Kyng leave the interview without telling him how proud he was of him and his success. Wax Kyng thanked him and stressed how important it is to pay your tithes and offerings. 

Before ending the interview, Kyng mentioned that he has a Smoke Tour in the works. He’ll be promoting his weed line Who’s Wax. Kyng revealed that well known battle rapper Tsu Surf will be a part of the tour. He briefly spoke on his weed infused lemonade that can actually alleviate body pain. His lemonade can legally be delivered right to your home. 

You can watch the full interview on EmEz’s Youtube Channel, The Sitdown With EmEz. Be sure to like and subscribe for future content.

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