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Jourdin Pauline: The Rising Guyanese Pop Star

EmEz chatted with  Jourdin Pauline on Thursday, March 18th to discuss why she is named“the Guyanese Pop Star,” her music, and current project. EmEz kicked off the interview his usual way by asking Jourdine to introduce herself and explain to us her creative background. Jourdine informed us that she is originally from Georgetown, Guyana, moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was 6 years old, and has been pursuing a career in music ever since. She goes on to rightfully brag on herself a little by sharing, “I got my professional start at the age of 10 with The Disney Channel and other various networks, and now I’m about to drop.” She also was involved with similar projects after working with The Disney Channel which really helped fuel her fiery drive towards success within the music industry. When EmEz asked her about her first experience with the network, she shared that it was fun and she was “geeked out and really excited to be a part of it,” she even chuckled at the thought of how she got her start at such a young age. It is evident that she truly is happy to still be a part of something she truly is passionate about.  

EmEz then probed a bit about her experience transitioning from Guyana to California, interested in what her culture shock experience was like. Jourdin shared,

“I moved to South Central, High Park & 10th Ave, which is Crenshaw & Slauson, where Nipsey is from, and the culture shock was...it was still...Guyana is a Third World country so we didn’t really have a lot there, but when I moved here to the hood, which is like America's form of poverty which was like an upgrade, and it was pretty cool...used have people running through the back yard, running from the police, it WAS a culture shock...I used to be made fun of in school because I used to say “tree” instead of “three,” and then she chuckled.

Jourdin also shared how she was bullied in 2nd grade and was homeschooled ever since; she was reminded how really mean kids can be. While being homeschooled, that is where she found her focus to write music for different tv shows.

Music became Jourdin’s focus when she saw Aaliyah on TV, and also by the influence of her mother who was a manager in the music industry. She also recalls when she first saw Beyonce in Sean Paul’s video, and then she said to herself, “that is what I want to be as an adult, I want to do that.” She went on to share how her first words were in song, and so it has always been in her to be a singer. EmEz asked about her Guyanese musical influences, and also asked if that music influences her music today, where she replies,

“I love Terror Fabulous, and I really listen to soca and dancehall...I am a Guyanese girl that makes music, and so I was always gonna come in and be me. I love to move, I love rhythm, I love all types of beats that make you wanna dance, and I always want to have that in my sound regardless, because I have to represent who I am and where I’m from.”

When EmEz asked Jourdin, what were the last 3 songs she streamed, she shared it was one of her songs, which led to the perfect segway for EmEz to ask about her current project(s). 

“Nasty” is Jourdin Pauline’s current single, which is a part of her EP entitled, “Love Songs by Nobody,” which is also the first song off of the project due to come out March 27th, 2021; she is very excited about this project which she has been working on for quite a while. EmEz asked her to share some of her vocals for us by singing some of her song “Nasty,” and when she did, she definitely sounded beautiful and proved how much of a bop this song will be for us….great job, girl! There will be 11 songs on the EP, and we can’t wait to hear it!

Jourdine shared with us that she is an advocate of women empowerment, “because women have it hard enough in this stressful society,” and I can’t agree with her more! She is currently working on a project that is geared towards focusing on women empowerment and to create a safe space for young women, and even men to share their thoughts and feelings about the stresses of the world. She advises us to love ourselves, don’t compare ourselves to others, pray, prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and for us to not rush into love. Wow, such amazing advice!

To learn more, watch the full interview below on EmEz’s Youtube Channel The Sit Down with EmEz to really get to know Jourdine Pauline. 

For more info on Jourdine Pauline, go to her website, and follow her on her YouTube Channel,IG, and Twitter.

(Photos Courtesy of Jourdine Pauline’s Instagram Page)

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