Social Media Sensation, Lil Agz, Talks New EP, 50 Cent and Ethnicity

Last week, EmEz sat down with social media sensation, Lil Agz. The young Bronx native is known for his viral video and phrase “Oh Saylesss.” Lil Agz is more than just a young social media star. He is a rapper and songwriter. He surprised his fans when he dropped his debut single “Momma We Good.” The music video to his single has accumulated over 500,000 views on YouTube. Lil Agz currently has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. 

To start the interview off, Lil Agz began talking about his upcoming EP, You Know My Body: Volume 1. Lil Agz revealed that the EP would have seven songs and will have some surprise features. His previously released track “Lessons” will be featured on the EP. Along with the remix to his track “Momma We Good.” Later on in the interview, he revealed that the EP would be dropping in April. 

Lil Agz continued on by giving EmEz some exclusive information that all his fans have been wanting to know. That information is Lil Agz’s ethnicity. He revealed to EmEz that he is indeed Puerto Rican and Italian. He cleared up any misinformation regarding his cultural background. Fans were looking forward to finding out how old Lil Agz actually is but the young prodigy was not ready to reveal that information. 

Moving forward, Lil Agz told EmEz that he was interested in acting. Lil Agz spoke about 50 Cent being an inspiration to him because he does music and film. He admitted that he had some things in the works that he couldn’t really talk about. He is very passionate about taking a leap into the entertainment industry. 

As the interview continued, Lil Agz told a story of how he got into rapping. He spoke about having a good friend who was already invested into music and somewhat inspired him. With his new claim to fame, Lil Agz decided that he would go full force with his own music. He revealed that after making that choice, that is how “Momma We Good” came about. 

You can watch the full interview on EmEz’s YouTube Channel The Sitdown With EmEz. Be sure to like and subscribe for future content. 

Image: Courtesy of Lil Agz’s Instagram

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