Love After Lockup Star Shavel Moore Talks Engagement, New Book and Love

Radio Host, EmEz sat down with reality star Shavel Moore from We Tv’s Love After Lockup: Season 3.The show follows the lives of felons and their significant others. In this case, Shavel is the significant other and her mate Quaylon is the felon. In the show, fans get to witness the struggles Shavel and Quaylon face trying to start a new life together. 

After a few minor technical difficulties, EmEz and Shavel began their sitdown. Right off the back, EmEz asked Shavel where she’s from. Shavel stated that she grew up in Minnesota and later moved to Kansas where she now resides. She briefly spoke about her move to Kansas at the age of seven with her single mom. 

Moving ahead, EmEz asked Shavel about her life before Love After Lockup. Shavel admitted to EmEz that she lived a pretty normal life. She worked two jobs as a staff consultant and business owner. She worked those two jobs while providing for her daughter. She admitted that she lived a private life and kept to herself. EmEz continued the sitdown by asking Shavel how she and Quaylon met. Shavel replied that she met Quaylon through a mutual friend. She revealed that she was a bit hesitant to speak to Quaylon because of his incarceration. Quaylon was the first person she ever talked to in prison. 

As the sitdown continued, EmEz asked Shavel what Quaylon did and said to get her on his hook. With all smiles, Shavel responded that Quaylon allowed her to be her true self around him. She revealed that the two were actually friends before they decided to be in a relationship. Shavel spoke with EmEz about getting to know Quaylon on a spiritual level before taking the next up. Three months into the friendship, Quaylon asked Shavel to be his girlfriend. During the interview, Quaylon commented in the Live Chat “ I set my life up thru my hard work and a lil bit of help and loving from shavel.” 

Proceeding with the next question, EmEz asked Shavel what’s in store for herself and Quaylon as a couple. She immediately lifted up her left hand and showed off her new engagement ring. Shavel admitted that the two are working towards marriage. “It’s not easy but we’re taking our time,” says Shavel. She revealed that they were in a relationship for three years before Quaylon asked for her hand in marriage. 

 Right after, EmEz popped the family question to Shavel. EmEz asked “How does your family feel about the engagement?” Shavel chuckled and replied “What you see is what you get,” alluding to her family’s behavior on the show towards Quaylon. Shavel admitted that her family felt she was “doing too much” and her close cousin had mixed emotions on Quaylon’s capabilities to take care of Shavel. 

During the interview, a viewer commented on the live chat “Why was it so easy to take him back after he cheated.” Shavel expressed that “no relationship is perfect” and that everyone has been cheated on before. She made sure to mention how important it is to have God in your relationship. Quaylon later commented “ I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” in his defense. 

EmEz continued the interview by asking Shavel what her favorite things were about Quaylon. Shavel admitted that she loved the simple fact of Quaylon always being a listening ear. She became emotional after mentioning the death of her grandmother and explaining how Quaylon was the only one that checked up on her. Lastly, she admitted that Quaylon had no experience with children but he treated her daughter so well. 

As the sitdown went on, a viewer commented on the live stream “what would you tell anyone who doesn’t know how to support their man when he’s locked up?” Shavel simply replied “encourage him, lift him up.” She also mentioned sending your man letters and visiting them. She explained that this is important because sometimes their own family do not visit them. 

To wrap up the interview, Shavel Moore spoke on her upcoming book “Jail Lies”. Shavel explained that the book will be a guide for other women dealing with men in prison. The book is set to be released March 13th. 

You can watch the full interview on Emez’s YouTube Channel The Sitdown With EmEz. Be sure to like and subscribe for future content.

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