Justina Valentine Talks Being Underrated, Wild N’Out & Success On Tik Tok

On last week’s episode of The Sitdown with EmEz, Justina Valentine joined the show. Valentine is a rapper, singer and television host from Passaic County, New Jersey. She is mostly known for hosting MTV’s Wild N’ Out show. 

What makes this episode so special, is the history EmEz and Valentine share. The two revealed hosting a radio show at a local New Jersey station, years ago. In the midst of the interview, EmEz shared a picture of the two. After looking over the picture, Valentine pointed out how far they’ve both come in the industry. 

The interview began with EmEz stating that Valentine doesn’t receive the credit she deserves when it comes to music. He continued on with his statement by asking why the rapper is so underrated. Valentine simply blamed it on her looks and being white. She mentioned that white males are more accepted than white females in rap. 

Justina Valentine is very confident in her music catalog. She praises herself for being the first female to complete the 5 Fingers of Death freestyle on Sway In The Morning. For those who don’t know, the freestyle consists of five different beats. The artist must freestyle to each beat consecutively. Due to her ability to rap so freely or “off the top”, she compares herself to Eminem. Which brings us to her 2017 album “Feminem.” She combines “female” and “Eminem.” Valentine stated that she was hesitant about naming her title that, but she concluded that it fit the project best. She views herself as the female version of Eminem. 

Valentine continued the interview by speaking on her most recent album INFARED. She explained that infrared is a part of the color spectrum that can’t be seen by the human eye. She felt that it related to her music because people can’t seem to see her true artistry. During the interview, a fan posted a comment pointing out INFARED being #5 on iTunes during its release. The fan also mentioned the album being done with no major record deal. 

The New Jersey rapper is mostly known for her raw talent on MTV’s Wild N’Out. In the interview, Valentine shared her journey to becoming a cast member on the show. She explained that a good friend of hers encouraged her to audition. After her second audition, she met Nick Cannon and was transferred to another round of auditions in Los Angeles. She expressed that she was confident in her auditions so her acceptance wasn’t a surprise. Valentine is now the longest running female cast mate on Wild N’ Out. She shouted out comedian DC Yung Fly for being one of the funniest cast mates on the show. Valentine admits that Nick Cannon changed her life. 

Her time on Wild N’ Out has brought Justina Valentine so many opportunities. She’s hosted MTV’s The Challenge, Revenge Prank and How Far is Tattoo Far? Justina hosted her very own show called Justina Makes Over Your Man and Basic to Bougie.

Aside from television, Justina Valentine holds a lot of popularity on Tik Tok. She revealed that she is the second most liked female rapper on Tik Tok. She holds the spot under Lizzo. Valentine has a whooping six million followers on Tik Tok. She even went as far as writing a song titled “For Tik Tok.” She encouraged EmEz to join and gave him an idea to kick it off. 

Justina Valentine shared her quarantine checklist. She expressed that was able to do all of things she’s been wanting to do but couldn’t. Opening a boutique was one of her to do’s. It’s called J. Valentina Boutique. She stated that she has a new collection in the works. Her music was also a main priority on her checklist. She began dropping tracks every month. Valentine didn’t stop there. She began recording her days in quarantine on her iPhone. She posted one hour cameos of her daily activities in the house. Valentine gained over two million views on the videos. 

On this episode of The Sitdown with EmEz things were done a little differently. Valentine decided she would conclude the interview with her asking the questions. Valentine asked, “When did you know you wanted to be on radio?” EmEz described three moments in his life where he knew for sure. He described those moments being in middle school, high school and college. He expressed that he loves human interaction and giving others advice. 

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