ItsBizKit Discusses Power Of Branding, Music and Staying Positive

Show host EmEz sat with rapper and blogger ItsBizKit for a new episode of The Sitdown. The Long Island native started his career blogging with French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Jim Jones, and many more. He is known as the “BIGGEST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD.” Along with blogging, he hosts a show on Revolt TV called “Wow Dats Crzy.” ItsBizKit is also known for his comedic and viral social media content. 

BizKit is not someone you can put in a box. He has now transitioned from blogging to rapping. He has singles with rappers such as Jadakiss and Dreamdoll. With over 500k followers on Instagram, he is well on his way to be the next big thing. 

You may wonder what kind of name is “ItsBizKit.” In an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, BizKit explained that he loved eating biscuits growing up. Every family road trip, he would order biscuits for the ride. Once he reached his destination in North Carolina, his grandmother would make him fresh biscuits. He added an “its” in front of it and the rest was history. 

EmEz began the interview shedding light on BizKit’s recent single “Hennything is Possible.” The beat is a sample of LL Cool J’s track “I need love.” Later on in the interview, BizKit explained that he had an “old school vibe.” He stated that he had respect for the new drill sound in hip hop, but that just wasn’t his style. “I’m not chasing a sound. I’m creating a sound,” said BizKit. He added “Find your lane and stay in it,” he added.

ItsBizKit expressed to EmEz that he sees himself as a “marketing genius.” He connects himself with whoever goes viral and gives them guidance on how to market themselves. “Brand yourself….that’s how you win,” he said. This followed by BizKit shortly discussing how people tried to destroy his brand and blackball him. He continued by stating there was power in having your own platform. 

BizKit stressed the importance of being good to others. He even revealed that spending so much time helping others elevate their career, took away time from his own. He is now focused on his brand, his label, his followers and content. 

EmEz continued the interview by asking ItsBizKit who were his top five from the old and new generation. With no hesitation, BizKit name dropped Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas and Jadakiss. As for the new generation, he had lots of hesitation. With confidence he chose, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. He continued his list by including ASAP Rocky and Lil Baby. BizKit later on name dropped Meek Mill

ItsBizKit has always been compared to Sean “P.Diddy” Combs. EmEz emphasized that BizKit shared many characteristics of P.Diddy and that he is almost like the Diddy of our generation. “You got that global mentality,” said EmEz. BizKit continued the interview by sharing the time he spent with Diddy. He revealed that Diddy has a lot of love for him and would do anything to help him. BizKit mentioned “ I’m a machine. I just need a machine behind me. When the machine gets behind, it’s different. 

To wrap up the interview, ItsBizKit had a bunch of jewels to drop on the listeners. He began with stating “Hard work pays off.” He acknowledged that the phrase was very generic but stressed that it held a lot of truth. He continued by quoting the New York rap group, The Lox “Dedication, determination, discipline.” BizKit explained the negative effects of comparing yourself to people in their winning season. He stated that everyone was “Born different, raised different, different environments.” He directed everyone to love what they do, stay away from negative energy, be proud of yourself and pray. 

Right before ending the interview, EmEz acknowledged that BizKit was always positive. EmEz wanted to know how he was able to maintain that level of positivity. BizKit revealed that he grew up always witnessing negativity. He didn’t want to implement that energy in his life. BizKit made the choice to turn away negative energy any chance he could. 

It seems that BizKit is on a mission to change the narrative of how rappers are seen in the industry. He explained that you don’t have to be a troll or street in order to be successful. He uses himself as an example that you can still make it just being your true self. 

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