Lady Luck Discusses Faith, Music, and New Business Ventures!

On Thursday, December 10th EmEz chatted with one of his closest friends, Englewood, New Jersey’s own, Lady Luck. Her birthday was on December 7th, so EmEz started the show wishing her a Happy Birthday. He then quickly discovered that she celebrated with a dinner catered at home by her fave restaurant, The River Palm in Englewood, NJ, and then transitioned into a discussion about what we should anticipate from her. 

When asked about the recent rap battle she was a part of, Lady Luck took a slight pause to preface by letting us know that she has implemented God & prayer intensely in her life. She states, “I am in this transition right now. I am really into this prayer life, I am really into the prayer meetings every Saturday, the Bible Study, and I’m really heavy into God. I really be praying, but sometimes the old me, well, the me that I am trying to get rid of, be wanting to respond, and that’s why I had to stay silent because I heard me responding.” You can see the internal tug of war taking place within her. However, after her moment of transparency, she goes on to inform EmEz that the rap battle was “a dope experience,” even after being out of the rap game for a while. She was signed back in 1999. However, in 2020, she can be paid a hefty check for doing one rap battle without ever having an album or an official single out in stores or streamed digitally. She shared how blessed she feels, and EmEz also reminds her of how dope & relevant she still is as a person and even a rapper, so no need to be too humble, Luck!

After that beautiful, friendly, reassuring moment between them occurred, EmEz asked Lady Luck to share with the ones that don’t know her exactly how she got signed back in 1999, and she did not miss a beat in her response. Luck shared something most of us didn’t know, which is that she is the “First Female Rapper to sign a million-dollar deal on Def Jam,” and that her whole battle rapping career began on Hot 97, where she won the battles five times in a row, which caused a bidding war between the record labels in NYC to sign her. She and her team ended up choosing Def Jam as their label. Although other female rappers sold millions of records under that label, she will always be known as the FIRST female rapper to be signed with a MILLION DOLLAR deal to Def Jam Records; a badge of honor that she wears proudly!

Luck then informed us that the particular family show she has been a part of is not coming back. However, she has a different type of family show coming out, two, that are in the works right now, but she is waiting for the “ink to dry” on those deals before she can reveal anything else about that, but we should be assured that she will be “invading your tv” soon. 

Lady Luck is a woman of many talents. As a Sagittarian woman, she says that her sign aspect is very accurate as she wears “many hats” within the entertainment industry. She does “music supervision,” and although she didn’t know much about it, she became the “placement plug” for other artists. Becoming the plug came about by a friend needing music for a taping of the RHOA show. She sent some music options over, they picked the ones they liked, and now she had a music placement on a show. On that one show, that one placement has since evolved into her having placements on three shows and working on many more under her very own music production company. 

While discussing all of this, EmEz, Lady Luck, decided to take a break, where she announced a liquor brand she is currently indulging in. EmEz announced his partnership with Remy Martin Cognac, and then she announced her new cannabis line that is launching soon; she truly is a woman of many talents, making sure her hand is in each bag! 

So the most obvious question left to ask here is, what’s next for you, and will there be any new music from Lady Luck? She responded by humbly stating that she is working on a “new sound. I hate to try and explain it until I do it, so I am just going to put it out, but it’s a different frequency of music that I have been working on my entire career, and a different frequency than most of the music’s out right now. I’m making music that people want to hear, working on raising the frequency.” When EmEz asked what brought about the change in music, Luck responded, after a slight hesitation, “I’m the child of the King. I have a great calling on my life. My career has been what it’s been. I’m relevant and I’ve stayed this long in the music industry because God has a calling on my life, so, I am not supposed to be rapping like everyone else, I am not supposed to be joining into the darkness. I am supposed to be using my platform. I tell people about my God and to tell them about His mercy and His Love and His Grace that endures forever” that response alone is a faith-check mic drop that we didn’t even know we needed. Even EmEz stated, “my heart double tapped right there!” 

She says to the LGBTQ community that has felt shunned by the church that God loves them and that her platform is essentially used to remind them of that. She has begun a “New Wave Church,” which has been orchestrated by God after He said to her one Sunday, “Do it for me and I will give you everything.” Wow.

Luck continues to mention that her prayer line is every Saturday at 10 am, and you can find the link to it in her bio. She says that lives have been changed as a result of this weekly prayer call, and so many opportunities have opened up for her as she continues to do “God’s work.” One huge opportunity close to her is her signing a deal to do her mom’s movie; her mom is the first female hip hop promoter. Her aunt Sylvia had Hip Hop, but her mom brought hip hop to the world via the DJ’s in the club to play 15 min sets for different Hip Hop artists. This movie is one of 3 amazing things going on for Lady Luck. Currently, the other two are one family show, and one show focused on her. God always says He will give you double for your trouble, which seems to be true for Lady Luck; hence her name!

EmEz and Luck then discussed her thoughts on the current COVID-19 vaccine, and that response alone needs to be heard, so please make sure you listen to this whole interview on our YouTube Channel. Luck’s parting words to us are, “Get right with your Maker. Get right with yourself. Love yourself first before you love anybody else. There is spiritual warfare going on right now. Remember no sleep, no slumber bottom line, Get right, and take a step closer to your God.” 

Thank you for such amazing, inspiring, motivational words, Lady Luck.

To catch the full interview below on EmEz’s Youtube Channel “The Sitdown with EmEz.”

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