The Directors of Bum Rush The Series Discuss Their Journey and New Episodes

On last week's episode of The Sitdown With EmEz, the creators of Bum Rush The Series joined the show. The two co-writers and co-directors, Dre Foreman and Mr. JayV, blessed the show with their presence. They were joined by Donovan, who is co-editor and a part of creative. The series began in late 2015 when it premiered the trailer of season 1 on YouTube. The plot consists of friendship, love, money, betrayal, and violence. 

Dre Foreman began the interview by explaining the history of Bum Rush The Series. He stated that he met Mr. JayV at a play and built a relationship from there. Mr. JayV came to him with the idea of filming a series. Foreman admitted to being skeptical about working with Mr. JayV, in fear of him not taking things seriously. After breaking his hand, Foreman was forced to stay home and create. From there, he officially joined forces with his co-creator. He recalled spending numerous hours typing the script with one hand. Mr. JayV chimed in, expressing his admiration for Foreman's acting, and knew he had to work with him. 

When asked about the writing process, Foreman went in-depth to explain the inspiration for the show. He stated that Bum Rush's plot came about from a real situation, and he just added a story to it. Mr. JayV and Foreman came together to flush out ideas and create characters. The two had already made up their minds of who they wanted to cast, but they did some scouting on Craigslist. They admitted to shaping one of the character's personality to an actual cast member, Shapiro. The two took pride in their show not being compared to anything on TV. 

After five years of filming the series, the creators still have some peaks they wish to meet. Mr. JayV spoke about expanding Bum Rush to more prominent platforms. He revealed that Season 1 and 2 are in the process of being uploaded to Tubi. Once all episodes of season 3 are released, they too will be released on Tubi. He feels that having the series on that specific platform will give it the exposure it needs. 

The co-creators are bigger than their joint show. They both have series outside of Bum Rush. Mr. JayV shared a little about his series of comedic skits that he partakes in. He compared it to the well-known show Martin. The skits consist of him dressing up as various characters and playing comedic roles. Mr. JayV admitted that these skits were created to build content for his brand. He is satisfied with how the show has developed over time. The comedy series is also in the process of being uploaded to Tubi. 

The greatness does not stop there for the co-creators. Dre Foreman stars in his show, Thin Black Line, which is directed by Mr. JayV. He briefly describes his character as being a crooked cop. He doesn't forget to mention that the show can be watched on Amazon Prime

The two concluded the interview by brainstorming the release date of episode 5, which will star EmEz. Mr. JayV revealed that he was looking forward to releasing it on Christmas Day. EmEz and Foreman were both excitedly in agreement with the Christmas special. Mr. JayV suggested that the audience should check out Bum Rush The Series season 1, 2, and 3. The two both expressed that they had so much in store for their fans. 

You can watch the full interview on The Sitdown With EmEz's YouTube Channel. If you enjoyed that interview, feel free to watch previous interviews.