Radio host EmEz linked up with the social media sensation Ron Suno. They came together for this week’s episode of The Sitdown with EmEz. Ron Suno is a man of many talents, who you might have come across while scrolling down your newsfeed. He first went viral back in 2017 for what was called the #weavechallenge. This brought a lot of exposure to his career of comedic skits and helped transform his music career. 

The interview began with Ron Suno expressing his devotion to the youth in his city. The Bronx native spoke about growing up being the youngest child but having the privilege to look up to wise elders. Ron further expressed how important it is to shape the lives of youth because he is one himself. Being only 20-years old, he’s familiar with the struggle. 

“Let’s get into this music,” said EmEz. Ron Suno talked about his most recent single, “Netflix.” The track dropped on Halloween day. Ron stated that the song represented his entertainer lifestyle. He excitedly spoke about the video being filmed in an actual movie theater. Ron further explained that the shoot took 4 hours to complete. The Janof Films-directed video involved blow torches, vast crowds of girls, and a luxury car. 

The grind does not stop for the Bronx rapper. He opened up to EmEz about his NBA 2K deal and was featured on the well-known video game in an animated version of his #weavechallenge. To further add to his success, one of his songs was featured on the NBA 2k game. 

He admitted that his distribution deal with United Masters was responsible for inking the deal. He shouted out to his management team SBL Music Group and publicist Avery Watson for their hard work. Ron Suno talked about his upcoming collaboration with the Atlanta Hawks on Twitch. Ron will be going live on Twitch and playing with some of the NBA players. 

EmEz wrapped up the interview by asking Ron Suno where he got his skit ideas from. Ron explained that he sleeps with his TV on, and the images appear in his dreams. He continued by saying that his skits would soon land him roles in movies. When asked where he saw himself in 5 years, he replied, “running for president.” Ron believes running for president will help develop his character. 

Ron Suno concluded his time on The Sitdown by promoting his upcoming single “Swag Like Mike Pt.2.” It will feature Brooklyn rapper Sheff G. Ron was sure to mention that Drill rap started in the Bronx and that he holds a large amount of respect for all who participates in it. 

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(Photo Courtesy of Instagram)