Sosa Geek Talks Being Featured on “Demons” w| Drake, New Projects & More!

Power 105.1 Radio host EmEz interviewed Brooklyn rapper Sosa Geek for an episode of The Sitdown. For those who aren’t familiar, Sosa Geek was featured on Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Sosa can be found on the track “Demons” right beside the “Big Drip” rapper Fivio Foreign who was also featured. 

Taking a sip of his Remy 1738, EmEz began the interview by asking Sosa Geek how his rap name came about. He began telling EmEz he earned his name from childhood. He recalled childhood friends comparing him to the Chicago rapper, Chief Keef. Sosa further explained that the “Geek” portion of his name came about from him doing everything “in a geeked up way.” 

Sosa Geek killed all curiosity when he revealed what the meaning of “Woo” was. You may have heard the term come from the late Pop Smoke. He has two albums titled “Meet The Woo” and “Meet The Woo Vol.2.” Sosa stated that it stood for “We. On. Our own.” Sosa further expressed that “Woo” is “mixed up” of Bloods and Crips. 

EmEz moved on to ask Sosa about the records he has out now. Sosa Geek is currently working on the deluxe version of his project “Geek Mode.” He revealed later on in the interview, the project will have 15 tracks. It will have a combination of upcoming artists and mainstream. “I think now I’m going to take them a little further. I’m re-rapping the past of what I been through.” He continued by saying he’s going to “give them a deeper pain and mix it with the drill.” 

Sosa continued his response by expressing the challenges he faced regarding his new music. In the past, he claimed that he was in a “mix up” and unfortunately, that put a lot of his new music on hold. He stated people were controlling what he could and could not release. Sosa later revealed to EmEz that he was now out of that situation. 

EmEz continued the interview by asking Sosa Geek who his influencers were growing up. Sosa admits that he was influenced by 50 Cent, Dipset, Biggie, and Tupac

As mentioned before, Sosa featured on a track titled “Demons” with Toronto rapper, Drake. EmEz had to ask Sosa how he received an opportunity like that. Sosa Geek responded saying Drake followed and DM’d him on Instagram. Sosa stated Drake told him his music was “fire” and to keep going. He didn’t believe it at first, so he asked Drake to send his number. To Sosa’s surprise, Drake picked up for a FaceTime call. Sosa mentioned that during his phone call with Drake, he was already in the studio. Drake immediately told him to send the beat that was playing in the background so he could eventually hop on it. Sosa nonchalantly ended his success story with “That’s how it happened.” 

EmEz began to conclude the interview asking Sosa what people could expect from him. The Brooklyn rapper had many business ventures for his fans to look out for. One being his energy drink collaboration. He spoke of his team scouting various brands for him to collaborate with.

Sosa also revealed he was going to start his clothing line back up. If you were looking forward to that, be excited! 

Sosa Geek doesn’t stop there. For his new business venture, he’s moving to the big screen. Sosa shared his interest in film. He aspires to film his own reality show or documentary in the future. “I’m working on this role for this TV show. I feel like rapping is not all that I’m good at. I can show the world that I’m good at other things,” said Sosa. He further explained that it will dive deep into his past and include his life up until now. 

To wrap up the interview, Sosa mentioned that he had only been rapping for nine months. That comes as a surprise to EmEz, being that he’s already obtained a Drake feature. Sosa ended the interview by giving some encouraging words to the audience, “Keep grinding. Stay Humble. Stay Focused. Anything you put your mind to, you could do.” 

Catch the full interview below on EmEz’s Youtube Channel “The Sitdown with EmEz.”

(Photos Courtesy of Instagram)

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