Hip Hop Artist C Weezy Speaks About The Direction of His Music

On Thursday evening,“The Sitdown with EmEz'' spoke with Hip Hop Artist C Weezy to discuss his music career as a producer and rapper. EmEz went on to discover what C Weezy has been up to since the last time they spoke, and he updated us on the music that he is working on and how he is staying out of trouble and under the legal radar by “staying in the house” and pushing out good music. He went on to explain that after his meeting with Roc Nation, they complimented him on his rapping skills, however, they need to see more streams of his music on the digital platforms. Due to this feedback, C Weezy is very focused on increasing those streams by promoting his music as much as possible. He was recently featured in Hip Hop Weekly, and is determined to keep working and striving towards having more streaming visibility of his music.

When EmEz asked about his single “Claimin’,” and if his music is a reflection of the times we are living in right now, C Weezy responded by saying, “Absolutely. It’s for all the colors, man, it’s for all the colors. It’s for all the people, especially with all this black on black violence, then the police violence, them doing what they do, it’s something to show the people as a whole, no matter what color you are, we as a whole, we are here to show people that we are not monsters, we are trying to bring peace to the streets no matter what color you are.” C Weezy is clearly proving that more conscious hip hop music is still needed today in order for our voices to remain heard and understood.

C Weezy says during the pandemic, he still has been in the studio recording music and he has some bangers on the way. After his single, “Claimin’,” C Weezy was thinking of doing more commercial hip hop music, but he is really not a huge commercial music supporter; he is truly about that real hip hop and rap music. He still loves to drop 90’s style verses over old style beats and stay away from sounding like he is from the South. He likes to let people know that he is from the Tri-State area and that he is very interested in working with other rappers primarily in the New York Metro area. EmEz asked him to freestyle and when he did, you can tell how his flow and lyrics are focused on relating to experiences that we can relate to.

He has been wanting to work with Benny the Butcher and has been talking to his people about it. He truly believes “that boy can spit, and we're gonna keep it in the Tri-State Area.” In the spirit of keeping it in the Tri-State Area, Emez asked him to share some artists in Connecticut that we should look out for or look up on Google, and C Weezy shared, Firm 730 from Waterbury, & Tye Henny from New Haven, to name a few. “There are people all over the area and right now I am trying to show everyone that we are out here in the CT atmosphere, in the Dirty Water, and that is actually what we call ourselves, Dirty Water.” He is definitely proud of where he comes from and is making it his business to represent Waterbury, “Dirty Water” Connecticut well.

In the next 2-5 years, C Weezy has a vision to “put a name on.” He says that too many rappers follow others like J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar but his goal right now is to keep pushing and striving. When asked what inspires him to do what he does, C Weezy mentioned his mother and father, and him doing it for everyone who thinks that he can’t accomplish his dreams and goals; he says all things are possible. He plans for everyone to get to know his new single, “Claimin’” and to give people an insight into what he has been through such as 6 years in prison for armed robbery. We are excited to see how his music career unfolds.

Catch the full interview below on EmEz’s Youtube Channel “The Sitdown with EmEz”.

(Photo Courtesy of Hood Illustrated)

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