An Interview With President Obama’s Barber

Every man needs a great barber in their corner. Even the President of the United States Barack Obama has a trusted barber that he flies out from Chicago to DC to cut his hair. Zariff, who didn’t reveal his last name, has been cutting President Obama’s hair for nearly twenty years.

 He goes into great detail of what the President is like outside of the Oval office, including a moment when the Obama brought his daughters into the shop.

"When he used to bring his girls in the shop every now and then when they were very young. Of course, they were so little they’d sit in the chair and their feet wouldn’t even hit the floor. They would watch him get his haircut. I think it was Malia who asked him one day, “Dad, why do you get your hair cut all the time? It looks the same.” And he said, “That’s the point.”

You can check out the full interview over at Complex just click here

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