5 Must See Footwear Released This Year!

These are fire... no pun intended. Nike did a collaboration with Supreme and came up with the Nike Zoom Spectrum Plus. Now if these were any other brand, they would most likely be trash. Since they're Nike x Supreme, I guess they're hot.

Adidas was on to something when they teamed up with Pharell a couple of years back. Now, they are on top and most likely staying there. These are the Passion NMD. The color scheme, laces, texture, it's all super dope. 

Mostly all Air Max 97's are nice, but the "Patchwork" versions fire here are super crazy. Perfect for the summer and eye-catchers. 

Converse's are typically pretty plain, but these right here scream high-fashion. Converse Chuck 70's: clean and calm. 

Jordans speak for themselves. Here's the Jordan 9, "MOP Melo" edition. Hate it or love it. 

PhotoCred: GettyImages