With a passion for music, DJ Envy started spinning at the age 16. As he perfected his craft, he quickly began gaining recognition as he evolved into one of the most notable DJ’s over the years. DJ Envy travels from city to city connecting with his fans nationwide, hosting some of the hottest clubs and events. Reigning from Queens, New York, DJ Envy set out to pursue his dreams while becoming a role model and philanthropist. He soon began contributing back to his fans and community by teaching generational wealth and providing paid opportunities for other DJ’s.


You can find Envy co-hosting the most dangerous radio morning show on iHeart Media’s nationally-syndicated, “The Breakfast Club”. The Breakfast Club now reaches an average of over 4+ million listeners in over 80+ markets, including Power 105.1 in the New York market. 


In addition he has his own podcast on YouTube and audio platforms with his wife titled “The Casey Crew” addressing topics on love, family and culture. In addition, Envy also takes his voice to The Breakfast Club podcast as well. Furthermore, he is a National Best Selling author alongside his wife as they published a book called Real Life/ Real Love. Envy wanted to be the anomaly; striving to show the world that it was possible to get out of the hood and live the lifestyle of your dreams, virtuously. As a Hampton University Alumni, husband, and father of six, DJ Envy manages to skillfully balance work-home life effortlessly while supporting his community.


For several years now, DJ Envy launched his “Drive Your Dreams” car show events which started at a Lincoln Tech campus and now spans multi-city arenas and convention centers with hundreds of cars and entertainment.


DJ Envy is an experienced businessman, family man, lover of the culture, car enthusiast, actor, and an entertainment industry leader with a powerful voice reaching varies demographics across the country.