Dj Clue Sits Down With Offset About New Album, Being Locked Up + More!

With Offset's new album "Father of 4" is out now, stopping by Clue Radio he spoke about possibly doing an album with his wife Cardi B, being locked up + more!

Speaking about cleaning things up in his life he said, "you make bad decision, and then you say you made those bad decisions and you do things to fix it, you gotta always face it and say you were wrong, with this record I was apologizing for my actions, its never to late to step up".

Offset & Clue also revealed that it was right outside of the studio that Offset had ask Clue to put him on with Cardi B, and while he didn't meet her that night they eventually linked up in NYC.

The Atlanta rapper is also the last of the Migos to drop his solo album, the reason why he took so long to drop the record was because he wanted to take his time with the project, not wanting to just rap about the usual things that are in Hip-Hop, "Now you don't get respected if you bubblegum rapping, it was cool for a minute but now people really want to hear what you got to say"

Check out Offset's Full Interview on Clue Radio below...

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