Jacquees Breaks Down The Ella Mai "Trip" Remix Situation With DJ Clue

Jacquees pulled up the Clue Radio last night to speak about the situation surrounding his remix of Ella Mai's "Trip". If you remember a few months ago Jacquees released a remix to the record and it immediately caught the attention of the entire internet. However, the song for some reason was removed from all streaming sites it was uploaded to. 

Speaking on meeting her he said, "I ain't even understand, "Trip" was my favorite record.... I had hit Ella Mai like I love this record, when I met her she was like I love you, I love your music, where I'm from I've been a fan of you for six years". Shortly after he dropped a clip of him singing it on IG, with the British singer even commented on it saying it was fire. Then eventually he released the video and full song which at that point it was removed from everywhere. 

Check out the clip of Jacquees explaining the situation above, full Interview with DJ Clue coming soon.