Swizz Beatz Donates To #Change4Change Right Before Harvard Graduation

Unfortunately for everybody reading this, you no longer have a valid excuse for not getting something done. Swizz Beatz made time to call in to the Breakfast Club's #Change4Change radiothon on the same day as his Harvard Business School graduation. Now those are some serious time management skills right there. He probably learned that at Harvard, right?

Shout out to Swizz Beatz on his accomplishment of graduating from Harvard, as well as his generous spirit. He's making a difference by donating to The Gathering for Justice through #Change4Change. 

Text "CHANGE" to 52182 to donate right now or go to www.bcchange4change.com

The Gathering for Justice was founded in 2005 by Harry Belafonte after he witnessed a news report of a 5 year old black girl being handcuffed and arrested in her classroom for "being unruly". They are the fiscal sponsors for: The Women's March, Justice League NYC, Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Campaign.

We encourage everyone to give what they can to help this incredible organization carry out their mission. All it takes is a little #Change4Change

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