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Lisa Ramey's 'Hopeless': Upbeat Doomed Love Anthem

Lisa Ramey’s new single is an instantly relatable number about being extended past the point of needing to end a toxic relationship - but still not bringing yourself to do it.

American pop and soul artist Lisa Ramey is set to unveil her latest single, ‘Hopeless,’ ahead of a busy 12 months. 

Born in St. Louis but based in New York, Lisa Ramey’s career over the last half a decade has seen her go from strength to strength, with plenty of highlights for her to list. 

Many will know Lisa as one of the top performers on Season 19 of The Voice, where she was one of the top finalists as part of Team Legend. Lisa gained a reputation for awe-inspiring live performances throughout her time on the show. 

This reputation has only grown in the years that followed her appearance on the show. There was a significant buzz about Lisa as a performer just after The Voice, and this led her to some notable moments - including, at one point, performing on the same stage as Ms. Lauryn Hill, as well as going on to perform the National Anthem before a sold-out Knicks game. 

During the 2020 lockdown, Lisa turned to live-streaming her performances. Despite not being an ideal scenario, it allowed her to maintain a strong connection with her supporters and showcase tracks from her recently released, well-received debut album, Surrender

Even amidst the challenges of lockdown, Lisa remained a commanding performer. She collaborated with renowned artists such as John Legend, Camilla Cabello, and Common in the Global Citizen's "Together at Home" concert series during this period. 

In 2023, Lisa shared her second record, Broken Smile. A very different prospect for her first album, Lisa’s sophomore release re-imagined the forgotten songs and words of civil rights activist Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer. For Lisa, this process involved taking influential (but sometimes forgotten) recordings from the past and injecting them with fresh life in the present. 

Although her musical style has varied over the last five years, Lisa Ramey has constantly returned to several abiding themes. With songs like ‘My Creator’ and ‘Jesus Is My Only Friend,’ she reveals a strong interest in faith, especially what faith means for self-acceptance. Meanwhile, songs like ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Body’ display Lisa’s no-nonsense attitude to bad relationships, body-shaming, and finding individual confidence in the context of a relationship. 

‘Hopeless’ shows Lisa Ramey at her absolute best. In this song - which is unexpectedly funky and upbeat - she assessed a relationship on life support (“How did we get here? I say to myself/This is the last time”). Lisa captures the all-too-real feeling of wanting to end a situation that has already produced so much hurt - but being afraid of that final, hurtful moment of break-up. 

Her voice - which is always a treat - seems to channel other great ‘90s R&B break-up artists (e.g., Aaliyah) with its lingering, bittersweet tone. 

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